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More enriched than when you started

It’s all circles, or spheres this universe isn’t it – I’m sure there are other bits and pieces, waves, particles, quarks and neutrinos and what have you, but certainly a lot of what it all does is spin in circles, spheres and spirals.

And all of it dictated by a subatomic movement and play of opposites the Taoists call the yin-yang.

All dark turns to light. All light turns to dark.

And at the core of the movement, that which gives the movement its motion, so to speak, is what Taoists call Tao.

It doesn’t mean anything.

It’s just a lovely sound (pronounced with a soft T, and not a D, hence why not to spell it with D as that’s heavy-handed and Taoism is a 4 ounces approach – light and gentle in all things.

It alludes to the ineffable presence at the root of everything.

Wu Chi – the nothingness behind the something.

But it’s a void that isn’t empty.

It’s packed with the potential for consciousness, energy and motion – chi in other words.

As this world attests to. Here we all are. Here all this is. It wouldn’t be so otherwise.

That’s not a matter of dogma or faith. Its just stating the obvious.

But how does it help you?

Well it’s important to know where we are and what we’re doing.

And what we’re doing is expressing Tao in human form.

And though you might infer from that that Tao is a right messy old beast it is in fact up to each of us how we channel it.

So say for instance you fancy there’s a dearth of grace and compassion evident in human society and would like to see more of it, access grace and compassion from source and radiate that – that’s your function. It could be joy. It could be laughter. It could be warmth. Whatever it is you want to see more of – access it from the depths within and radiate it.

At first it seems abstract but soon it will come as a force something tangible, palpable in your chest and belly.

Roll back inside, occupy the rear part of body and skull.

Open the chest up like opening a pair of sliding doors and let the glory of your soul sing through the opening – your song will resonate with everyone and everything vibrating at the same or higher frequencies and synergy will be activated.

Synergy is what brings what you want to you, without making effort, just by agreeing for it to be so.

So consider what you want to make happen now, for which you need a bit of magic. And then agree to it being so.

And so it will be.

So, what do you think to that?

Did it nourish your soul, did it enlighten your being, did it make your heart sing a note or two?

If so that’s proof the magic works, because that was my intention.

If not just ignore all the preceding because it would indicate it was all just a load of nonsense. That’s what my dad would have said it was. He even thought theories of full moons causing lunacy were stupid.

That’s how pragmatic he was. And I loved him for it. Still do.

But somehow I think that’s not the case and you are feeling somewhat more enriched than when you started reading.

With love, Barefoot

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