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More in-depth look at increasing life force

One of the main factors dragging on your energy is the resistance required to hold life back while you’re busy processing the backlog of information assailing your mind from moment-to-moment. The stomach is where you process the information contained in the foods and fluids you ingest. But on an energetic level, it’s also where the energy is produced to support the processing of information in general. When your stomach is weak or disturbed it’s harder to process information as effectively, harder to see clearly what to do.

The more balanced and strong your stomach energy, the more efficiently and swiftly you process information and the more efficiently and swiftly you process information, the more effectively you make decisions and the more effectively you do that, the more smoothly you wend your way through the video game of daily life.

And one of the most efficacious methods for stimulating, strengthening and balancing your stomach energy is as follows:

Sitting in a comfy chair, bend forwards slightly at the hips, make fists and using the little finger edges of your hands, bounce your fists up and down on the muscle just below your kneecaps on the outsides of your lower legs. Build up quite a drum roll. No need to use strength for this, just bounce the fists and let the momentum make the movement for you.

You’ll feel an odd sensation as the energy starts flowing down along the stomach meridian on the outside of the legs to the feet.

Keep bouncing the fists like this for at least 33 seconds and when you feel to stop, do so suddenly almost as if without warning to yourself and you’ll feel a wonderful energy explosion at the points which then radiates to all parts of you and especially to your stomach region.

Within ten minutes or so, you’ll notice your mind working more efficiently and within an hour your energy levels will be up.

This also helps build your immune system and it’s said that someone who stimulates these points every day will live a long and prosperous life.

Loving wish: may you live not just a long and prosperous life but a stonkingly magnificent and fulfilling one too.

Love, B

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