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Most effective way to get yourself to be more effective this merry Monday

If you want to increase your effectiveness today, inform yourself with the joy of being alive. This might seem radical or implausible when attempting to stuff your spirit into the Monday construct. You may feel instant resistance to the idea on account of underlying residual self-pity. That’s normal. Old habits die hard and I’m not suggesting brainwashing.

I’m suggesting celebration – submitting to the instinctual drive to celebrate and thereby give thanks for the biggest miracle in the universe: the miracle of your own existence.

So in the midst of activity as you hop from task to task, keep giving thanks in celebration of being alive, for each breath, each movement of your mind, and body and the situation going on around you, despite any anxiety, self-doubt, self-pity or any other such expression of latent victim mentality.

You’ll find it easy to let celebration be going on deep within as you go about your business once you get the hang of it and the more you let yourself do it, the more enjoyable your time will be and hence the more effectively you’ll acquit yourself in whatever you have to do today.

In fact if you really create an internal resonance with the celebratory spirit within, you’ll unleash a whole stream of miracles enveloped in grace.

I wish you a most merry day replete with miracles enveloped in grace.

Love, Doc

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