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At the most advanced stage of Taoist training, or rather what’s traditionally considered to be the highest attainment, along with developing the immortal spirit body, is, having accommodated and embodying the tai chi, then accommodating and embodying the wu chi as. In fact to be more concise and less linear, it’s that to know and embody the tai chi, the supreme ultimate reality, you have to also embody the wu chi, the supreme ultimate non-reality or nothingness.

It’s a yin-yang move at the deepest level.

Plugging in only fleetingly to the reality of non-reality so to speak, sensing the utter nothingness subtending the utter something-ness imbues you instantaneously with a hit of special power – concentrated chi as I experience it, shooting up the core of the spinal column in a solid unbroken never-ending stream.

It takes time and patience to develop cognition of it, and it’s worth it if you’re serious about full self-realization, i.e. having everything that’s on offer in this ride of a lifetime we’re on.

Because as soon as you link that chi with intention, your intention bears fruit with remarkable seamless speed and efficacy.

So first clarify intention – it can be for how a situation pans out, or how a project pans out, or how a healing pans out, or how a financial process pans out, or to elicit a new state of being, or any or all of these and whatever else. The key is to be honest about it and not try intending something you think you ought to want and get, to what it is your soul is actually requesting.

Use any material desires as signposts – say if you think your intention is to build a house and live happily ever after, discern the experience you’re picturing and you’ll see how what you’re really looking for is a sensation of permanence for example, in which case your true intention is to feel comfortable enough in the face of eternity to enjoy feeling alive, in a steady and reliable environment, along with all the necessary resources, help and companionship to make it a reality.

I’m just making that up as a guide, obviously.

Next, compress the picture into a ball comprised of light and color and with your imagination place the ball just behind the center of your breastbone where it then sits all by itself.

With that in place, now contemplate the supreme ultimate essence of manifest existence – the tai chi and the Tao informing it, and give it a nod. Next contemplate the supreme nothingness underscoring infinity, the ineffable wu chi and give it a nod too.

Next be sensitive to a subtle stream of chi rising from coccyx to crown and as it passes by the heart level it interacts with the ball, which triggers an emission of chi from the chest into infinity.

It seems like nothing and of course along with all other phenomena in this world of appearances is ultimately nothing (wu chi), but practice it with regularity, fleetingly and often and you’ll swifty be stunned by how smoothly your affairs proceed.

Of course do all this with yourself situated right back inside, watching all from the rear brain – and when you move forwards to take action do so putting your back into it – at all times.

Proper magic will then ensue.

May this enrich you all the way.

With love, Barefoot

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