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Mouth And Jaw Release Technique

Many people suffer from oral tension, teeth grinding, gum disease and so on, making them look less beautiful than they could and more importantly draining away their vital force, as the oral region is one of the most important parts of the human set-up (you don’t eat you die, you don’t communicate what you need, you die and so on) and tension here radiates throughout the system, depleting the vital reserves.

Release tension in the oral region and your whole body (and mind) relax more, thus facilitating a greater flow of chi everywhere.

Try this self-applied acupressure routine twice a day for three days and you’ll spot a notable difference for the better.

Put your fingers in your ears as a reference, then slide them forwards onto the top of your jaw (tempero-mandibular) joints, then down a bit till they land in those small depressions just under the bone.

Press in (using moderate but steady pressure) and you’ll feel a cramping, aching sensation.

Breathe slowly and keep pressing as if intending your fingertips to meet in the middle behind your nose somewhere. Hold for 30 seconds or so.

Then move your fingers to the corners of your mouth and slide them directly down until they slide onto the chin bone. Again press in as above and hold through the ache.

Now run all along your jaw line, back and forth to get it all to loosen up after the pressing and carry on as you were.

You’ll find your whole relationship with your mouth, and via that, on a deeper level, with the material essence of the world, improves in no time.

I wish you absolute satisfaction today, simply at finding yourself alive.

Love, B

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