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Moving your life on by a quantum leap technique

When you feel scared or in disarray, stand up, shake your body from head to toe, like a dog getting to its feet (paws) after a lie-down. Shake the energy of fear or disarray off you, then settle yourself comfortably, lower your eyelids, relax your body, relax your breathing, relax your mind and draw it backwards into the midbrain, as if leaning up against the rear wall of your skull and gazing serenely into the soothing internal void between and behind your eyes.

From your midbrain, project a holographic image into the void of you, smiling back at you, your eyes looking clearer, brighter, wiser, more loving, more joyful, more confident, more courageous, more fearless, more energized and more utterly beautiful than you’ve ever seen or imagined them before; your body looking strong and fit, beautiful and healthy, confident, youthful and powerful. Implicit in the way you look is that external conditions have moved themselves into the exact configuration required to support such a state, financially, professionally, socially, personally, physically, emotionally and so on.

Once you have the vision clear, hear this healed version of you, saying to you lovingly and reassuringly, “You will manifest this, you will be me, because you are me now – and all external factors are already in place so relax, let go and enjoy the show – it’s going to be splendid – you’re going to love it – I know because I’ve seen it – and now, so have you – the magic is done.”

You will be subsequently astonished at how briskly this moves your life on, dear reader, so do strap in tight.

Love, B

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