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Non-Sequitur Barefoot Style

You just never know what’s about to jump into your reality. You just never know what’s about to materialise out of the ether. You may think you do and by fluke or coincidence you may be right a lot of the time. But when it comes to the big stuff – the events that change your life, you really don’t know what’s about to happen.

The deepest part of you knows – that part of you knows everything. However accessing that part of you requires entering the nirvanic state and leaving enough of yourself in there at all times to be privy to the ineffable wisdom of the Tao itself. The fascinating thing is being able, occasionally to tap into bits and pieces of it by use of a pendulum, tarot, I Ching, other divining tools, or just plain, unadorned psychic intuition brought on by sinking into yourself and stilling your busy mind. Given a gift from the gods, is how it feels.

What’s even more fascinating, is when the divining tools get it wrong, or you, the interpreter mislead yourself but that’s another story. Eventually it’s all about your healing – all about your becoming one with yourself instead of fragmented, so it doesn’t really matter which way things turn out even though your local self resists that notion.

So there I was just now in the throes of the mystery, my life not unlike the storyline from the Magus by John Fowles, waiting to cross a busy road, the sun suddenly poked its tongue out at me from behind a big black cloud, warmly licked my face and chest and said – well it said nothing – the sun remains quite silent till you get up close like Icarus – then you can hear it going, ‘f%ck me, it’s hot in here’ - and I was reminded to invest a moment’s thought and focus into my latest pet technique, raising my breastbone – I say latest but I’ve been doing breastbone raising for a few decades now – it’s just that I’m feeling it with greater significance at the moment. For once you’ve lengthened your spine, sunk your weight, relaxed your muscles, drawn your mind back into the centre of your brain and got your breathing to settle, if you then raise your breastbone, thus lengthening up your front as well as your back, you automatically lock into the optimum posture to channel the deeper intelligence of the Tao, as well as which your spirits are instantly elevated and that makes for a pleasant combo. A combo I facilitated right there as the large trucks and buses whooshed by on parade.

By the time I got to the other side of the road in my vertically extended state, I had been given the answer to a question I’ve been asking again and again over the past nine weeks or so, concerning a personal mystery of mine, which was soothing in the moment – and yes, I’m with you if you’re thinking this piece has a tenuous flow – sometimes you’ve just got to keep skipping along singing your song even if all the pieces don’t quite seem to match at the time – it’s all about having a bit of forward momentum and flowing with it, come what may.

I’m appreciating it fully – I'm one who rolls on so much forward momentum I have to run away from time to time just to slow it down enough to remember who I was – and I manage to slow it down so much at times, it takes all my might to start it up again - but this week it’s just picked up a bit of spin of its own – and I’m loving it – being a full-on forward momentum junkie at heart.

The trick is to devote equal or more time to reinforcing the centre and the internal stillness it affords, so that you have a balanced mixture of yin (containment) and yang (acting out), to make the play keep revolving – too much yin and it congeals, too much yang, it burns out, or you do. Not that I’m any expert, just the eternal sorcerer’s apprentice, however observation of the effects of yin and yang have been central to my focus for a few decades now, so I’ve developed a bit of a feel, sometimes shaky, sometimes solid, mostly dependent on whether external conditions are tricky or favourable, as with most of us.

In fact, I’ll have to watch myself, for if I don’t, with this new yang phase I’m beginning, I’ll get too full of myself and lose the yin again, then have to escape and that just wouldn’t do as I’m on a bit of a mission to rev this forward momentum up to maximum and go for a spin round the planet – and so striding off loose like a long-legged goose, I bid you a brief farewell with no further apology for my non-sequitur Barefoot style but definitely with a strong wish for something truly amazing to happen to you.

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