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Nothing You Cannot Achieve

Providing what you want to do is within the realms of physical possibility and providing you have the minimal level of requisite psycho-physical equipment, mind-body-wise, there is nothing you cannot achieve if you apply yourself to the task fully, mind, body and soul. You’ve heard this a million times but so crucial is it to living a full, successful, healthy, joyful life, I see no harm in making this the millionth and first.

It’s something always good to be reminded of, as the tendency is to default to I-can’t mode at the drop of a hat and so miss out on a plethora of possible adventures, challenges and benefits.

Once you’ve determined your goal and have set yourself in motion towards it, the universe will respond by taking you on a magic carpet ride through an adventure realm of unexpected scope. Sometimes it’ll be scary. Sometimes it will tempt you to become crestfallen and dismayed. But mostly, once you’ve pulled yourself together and righted yourself on your mobile rug, you’ll have a stupendous time of it and will never look back to the restrictive confines of living a life just for comfort.

Indeed, by setting forth on the adventure of your life, there will often be times of discomfort but discomfort is only discomfort and will soon pass – mostly it’s just in the anticipation anyway, however by staying true to the ride, you will be, by and by, taken to places of such sublime joy and satisfaction, you’ll hardly be able to catch your breath at times.

Talking of which, training yourself to keep breathing slowly, deeply, smoothly and evenly all the while, is the major key to remaining in command of yourself as you fly through the air.

May this serve you well and may you find yourself gliding with effortless and ease from one delight to the next, today and tonight.

Love, Doc

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