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Of the internal forms

Recovering from what really was a hefty bout of one-wrong-move-and-you’re-dead illness some years ago, I was and continue to be impelled to extol the incredible virtue of the Taoist internal boxing forms, tai chi, pa kua and hsing yi, which between them, lifted my energy levels to superhuman even while my physical form was struggling along at subhuman.

What happens then, is after a 24 hour delay, in which the physical is still lagging a dimension behind the metaphysical, the physical symptoms suddenly all clear up and you’re flying again as if nothing happened.

Obviously it’s impossible to totally prevent illness in the body simply by practicing the forms because being human, we’re all totally f*cked up, hence susceptible to glitches and the imbalances they bring. But the power of the internal forms is truly awesome and if there’s one thing you’re thinking you might take up in your life after new year, let it be the internal forms and the super-amazing, if I say so myself, School for Warriors background essential training for the internal forms.

I wish you superhuman elation.

Love, Barefoot

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