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On being excellent

In letting go of the egocentric agenda and surrendering instead to the Great Way, the Tao, the Cosmic Flow, the Universal Mind that knows everything and guides you right if you relax and allow it to, you inevitably rub up against the potential for fatalistic complacency.

If everything is as it’s meant to be and preferences are merely part of a mythical construct you carry around, good and bad are merely relative, why bother making any effort at all? Might as well be a slacker and enjoy it all more.

However, slacking breeds depression.

The Taoist way is to be excellent at every little (or huge) thing you do. Each act and each aspect of each act, is conducted as a gesture of acknowledgment and celebration of the Tao. Performing your tasks and obligations is approached like a martial artist performing his moves.

So on the one hand, you let go, stop worrying, stop guessing the future, love being where you are moment by moment, maintain an intention to keep manifesting a progressively more beautiful life and surrender to the flow of ensuing events, trusting they’ll deliver you somehow to the scenario that best facilitates your highest good. On the other hand, you do everything you have to do excellently, as an act of love.

And all the while, you keep breathing.

I wish you a beautiful path today.

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