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On being self-full

I’m sure there was a time when someone or other said in a critical manner you were being selfish and it stopped you in your tracks, momentarily dislodging you from your natural energy flow. However it’s quite probable that had that communication been made in a positive light, more respectfully, by way of request for you to exercise more thoughtfulness in future, your confidence would have been left intact and this might have stood you in better stead.

So I propose a moment of healing that former self from its dislodged state, in order to set you up more optimally for the next phase of your life.

Because to be imbued with the personal power to manifest everything your heart desires in this world, it’s prerequisite for you to learn to be fully referenced at all times to what your self is and needs – you need, in other words, to be self-full.

This is achieved by remaining attuned to your breathing and generally attending to remaining relaxed in your skin, heart open, exuding love naturally, and you centered and grounded as you wend your way along the Great Thoroughfare.

And it by no means suggests being thoughtless. To the contrary, it encourages a natural respect, empathy and compassion for others, along with an automatic propensity to alleviate suffering and induce joy wherever you do roam.

So today and night, I wish you to experience the divine pleasure of total self-fullness.

Love, Doc

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