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On making this the merriest day of all days so far

I like Mondays. I like being alive and if you took Mondays out of the progress of days, were I not to manage a deftly executed time-space jump, there'd be a dangerous gap through which I'd fall into the eternal oblivion of no-day.

As well as which, Mondays have been agreed upon as the start of the working week and so carry a promise of unlimited potential to achieve goals and benignly transform reality.

Obviously I'm aware Mondays are as illusory as Tuesdays or any other day of the week - all of it just a human-made temporal structure imposed on infinity, hence essentially meaningless save for the meaning we agree to give them.

So I suggest giving the next Monday special significance as the Monday above all Mondays in our lives so far, capable of yielding miracles in unprecedented measure.

Whether bestowing this power on today produces instantly visible external results or not, it will immediately shift your feeling about being alive and with that will come a natural shift of external conditions anyway.

So there's nothing to lose now in declaring it to be the Monday of all Mondays in your life so far. To the contrary, it will help you value the greatest miracle of all, being alive and once that mind-set is in place, all lesser miracles start showing up in progressively greater profusion anyway.

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