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One Of The Most Important Methods For Attaining True Peace Of Mind

To know yourself as belonging in existence at the most profound level and thereby attain true peace of mind, get yourself comfortable now, close your eyes (after reading all this), quickly scan from head to toe and wherever you spot tension, let it go on the exhalation.

Drop your shoulders and allow all your muscles and sinews to soften and relax, and allow your breathing to slow down and deepen.

Let all your weight sink down below your navel so you feel grounded and at the same time, lengthen your spine so you feel upright without strain.

Now allow your mind to sink backwards until it’s sitting comfortably in the very centre of your brain, rather than being stuck in your forebrain as it usually is. You’ll notice as you do, all thoughts stop and silence reins within.

Now visualise extending from your person in all directions on the lateral plane, a web that stretches into infinity on all sides, its strands made of white-gold light.

At every intersection is a light-node. Each of these represents a living being, not just in this dimension but in all dimensions.

You have the power to make each node brighter and this send healing to each living being, simply by thinking it so. Think all the nodes brighter now and as you do notice your own node is glowing brighter too.

In this act of generosity and service, you are fully connected to and hence fully belong in all parts of existence at once.

The benefits and power that derives subsequent to doing this cannot be exaggerated so don’t delay, brighten those nodes today and stand by for miracles.

May you be all but overwhelmed by the miracle flow that ensues now.

Love, B

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