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Only read this if you really fancy a big change in your life – Monday edition

The trance of the day might mislead you into believing life’s humdrum and adventure only happens to other people, as well as which the reality of debts and obligations may add weight to the erroneous notion you’re somehow stuck, but in fact you have unrestricted access to the adventure of life and the only factor preventing it right now, is your own fear-born resistance.

Grant yourself a moment out of the workaday affray to allow your daydreams imagination to picture yourself on a grand epic adventure through life, rather than being in the Truman Story, however this may appear. This is merely to put you in touch with your innate, childlike capacity for fascination (with something, it doesn’t matter what at this stage, as long as you’re fascinated by something and feeling the essence of fascination in a generalized sense).

Then with sincerity and gentle conviction, address the Presence informing reality, the Tao, your Tao and declare as follows (or in words of your own choosing with similar intention):

'I am now willing to reduce my fear-born resistance and widen the filters of my perception and thus broaden my behavioral repertoire sufficiently to encompass the possibility for my life to now be transformed into an incredible adventure: let it be so and let the adventure now begin!'

Though there’s no accurate way to predict timing, it generally takes about three weeks, before you notice your life has suddenly, inexplicably become far more exciting and unexpected in every way.

Only do this if you really fancy a change, of course.

I wish you the full magnificence of this splendid adventure and a very merry day.

Love, Doc

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