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Open the way to having all you’ve ever lost restored to you

Roses are read, violets are blue – there’s nothing the ebb can take away, the flow won’t bring back to you (multiplied). So when you suffer loss of anything, know that energy is never destroyed, only transformed and in the fullness of time whatever was taken will be restored multiplied in one form or another.

Know yourself as abundant in the Tao – the Tao is everything including you – it’s the movement of events, the development of situations – and, as everything, it is infinite and therefore infinitely abundant (it contains all) – and you are therefore abundant in it. Abundant, there is no lack of anyone or anything, even when you think there is, even when you’re waiting for the restoration of what’s been lost and feel empty, you are always actually full, if you can but breathe and surrender to the all-being-ness of the Tao and open yourself to receiving the abundance of the moment.

Naturally it’s a lifetime’s work to attain to such an enlightened and contented state but that’s no reason not to begin immediately and start feeling the benefits for yourself.

Tell the Tao, “Tao, restore to me everything that was taken from me, multiplied and amplified and improved beyond recognition – every unit of loving energy I’ve ever expended, every unit of love, every act of friendship, every instant of faith – even all the money I’ve ever spent – bring it all back multiplied now”. Then brace yourself for a hefty influx of abundance, which will probably start whooshing your way within no more than 24 hours from reading this.

Total restoration to you.

Love, B

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