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Open your heart to receive more of life's sweetness - the method

You know that the only thing blocking life delivering you your full quota of sweetness right now is you and you do so by subtly armouring your chest by tensing the muscles and soft tissue surrounding your breastbone ever so subtly yet effectively, this so because the first time you were sorely hurt and your feelings dashed as a child, you contracted here and compounded that further with every subsequent hurt.

However as well as blocking out the pain this also blocks out the good.

And it doesn’t even block out the pain, it just traps it inside you.

You can’t stop the pain of life. But you can stop the pleasure, the sweetness.

So it makes sense to do all you can to undo your armouring and let more of the sweetness in.

The method I’m about the present requires only your total concentration and no physical effort whatsoever. Sit comfortably where you are (or save it for later when you’re in the mood for some magic), drop your shoulders, elongate the back of your neck, raise your breastbone without arching your back and let your breathing settle down.

Now visualize a team of crack psychic surgeons, all shrunk down to micro scale, arriving by micro-craft behind your breastbone, whence they spread out, each one taking a different rib insertion around the breastbone and patiently working away with their superhuman psychic surgery skills to undo all the unnecessary tension around your breastbone. If you really concentrate you’ll feel a pleasant tingling sensation starting to arise and spread throughout your chest.

After a while they finish up and ship out. At this point, take a deep breath and allow the breath to fill up all the way so your whole chest expands with it.

As you exhale, let it soften, as you inhale again, start visualizing a stream of rose-gold light enter through the front of your chest and fill you.

Repeat this over and over, imagining this light to contain the very essence of life’s sweetness, which brings with it an abundance of everything you need right now.

You will find that shortly thereafter a whole new stream of wonderful things will start happening in your life, at which point remember to say thanks to your Tao.

Love, B

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