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Open Yourself To It And It Will Be

In this vast game of hide and seek, everyone seems to have been in hiding this week – well not everyone but everyone I needed to connect with about practical matters seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Where have they all been hiding? But if I knew, the game would be up – and then where would be the fun? So I’ve done what I could to cross things off my list – then did what I could do that didn’t concern other people directly – writing content, working on the music and what-have-you and otherwise let go into the mystery and allowed it to unravel in its own time, which it has been doing elegantly, as only mysteries will.

I’d push it along faster if I could but the mystery is big and pushing futile, especially with the weekend coming – like pushing an ocean liner with one hand – better to get on board and relax – we’ll all get where we’re going – no rush, other than the perceived rush to achieve perfection internally and externally, also totally futile down here on the ground of everyday reality, as perfection only exists in the realm of the absolute where there is no acting out.

Time is the medium in which the mystery unfolds – I’ve been learning a deeper level of respect for time as a medium lately – it’s to do with developing patience and how that implies also developing grace – and the grace seems to consist in being willing to meet time with only 4 ounces of pressure (110 grams) – just enough to make intelligible contact so it knows you’re there, yet not enough to push or pull it this way or that – yielding to it as it leans into you, sticking to it as it pulls away – the leaning in and pulling away being the flow and ebb of external events that make you feel happy.

I liken it to the Empress card in the tarot – the embodiment of the miracle of the mystery unfolding to facilitate your perfect happiness – if that’s what you choose it to do – for you must choose it, or your unconscious will default to choosing duff options it’s gone for habitually in the past, simply through lazy patterning. However, if you actively choose time to be the medium in which the miracle of the mystery unfolding facilitates your perfect happiness, then that will be the case and your perfect happiness will manifest with no effort on your part, other than the effort of getting out of your own way. And that’s where the patience comes in – and the grace and the four ounces.

To ease that, start immediately tuning into that level of self where perfect happiness is the natural state by relaxing and breathing freely, all the while opening your heart so your love flows freely – love is the conductor that enables the miracle energy to flow to you and from you to everyone in your world.

I wish you a day with wall-to-wall surprises of a stupendous scale and beautiful nature. Open yourself to it and it will be so.


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