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Opening The Channels To Receive More Now

To open yourself to receive the blessings of life, along with all the things you wish to bring into your life now try this exercise and watch how it causes your chest to relax.

Make fists and gently pound on the centre of your breastbone.

Keep doing it and as you do be sure to keep your shoulders, elbows and wrists soft and relaxed. At the same time, make the vocal healing sound for the heart, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Keep doing it then stop suddenly and wait in silence a moment. In this silence you’ll be starting to feel a wonderful fizzy sensation as the heart energy is released from the armour you had held tight around it.

Now place a palm gently over your heart and concentrate on allowing that good sensation to radiate all around, until your actually feel your heart area relax and open.

Now you’re ready to receive.

So visualize a stream of goodness – you don’t even have to know what’s in it – just assume it’s carrying everything you want towards you: your health, wealth and perfect happiness. Imagine you can feel it filling up in all areas of your life like magic dust sprinkled on every aspect of your existence.

It’s better for your health in general to relax anyway, especially around the heart area. It increases your vitality levels and makes you feel more positive and confident and the more positive and confident you feel, the more open you are to receiving what’s rightfully yours anyway – the less you feel like blocking it.

Loving wish: you experience a sudden, huge opening of the heart and in the flood of love that’s released a thousand miracles are triggered into being for you.

Love, B

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