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Opening/widening the creative flow

The ancient Taoists laid great store in developing and honing creativity and developed many techniques for opening and widening the creative flow. The following is one of the more potent. If you try it today, you’ll notice an obvious widening of the creative channels by tomorrow.

Imagine a fine fibre optic-like tube running from the centre of your forehead, backwards over the midline of your brain and into the centre of the base of your brain, where the back of your neck meets the base of your skull.

Imagine that as you inhale, you’re drawing the breath backwards through the tube from forehead to base of skull and as you exhale, you’re sending it forwards from the base of the skull, over the brain to the forehead again.

Repeat this back and forth motion nine times slowly.

As you do, imagine with each pass, the crown of your head opening progressively further, as if your skull consisted of a pair of sliding doors.

After the ninth pass, with your crown opened maximally, visualize a powerful column of bright light streaming down from way up above you in the angelic realms, pouring in through the opening and lighting up your brain so bright, it illuminates the world for thousands of miles in every direction.

I wish you an unprecedented opening.

Love, B

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