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Opportunity To Co-Create A New World

Are you sensing a subtle yet radical shift going on at the collective mind tectonic plate level? Are you getting the feeling that the thrust of change is gathering pace? Do you believe we each have the power to affect the direction of this thrust and that if enough of us visualize a broadly similar outcome, we’ll manifest it?

According to the wisest minds, it’s impossible for any of us to experience objective reality, as the observer affects the field. So simply by being here bearing witness, we manifest a shift of conditions externally.

Hence the appearance of our collective reality is entirely up for grabs.

And with the pace of the thrust of change apparently now exponentially accelerating, it would therefore behove us as awake individuals to expend a modicum of energy each day visualizing the human race and all who sail with her, landing gently into the new paradigm emerging in our midst in a sustainable, feasible enough way for our kids and their kids and their kids and theirs to enjoy some of this too.

And without having to live it Mad Max style.

So any time you find your mind succumbing to fearful visions of imminent extinction or the like, instead use that precious mental energy to visualize a world of peace and plenty, where wisdom prevails and love is the currency. For surely if enough of us do so, we will, in the fullness of time, co-manifest it into being in one form or another.

Possibly never before have we had such a facility for joining of minds to create an effect. Let’s take advantage of it and have some fun doing a bit of co-creation and even if we were merely deluding ourselves, it’s better for your health to visualize happy scenes than fearful ones.

Wish: all your thoughts are joy-producing today and the resulting fillip to your energy field increases your natural magnetism for the good by a quantum leap.

Love, D

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