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Ordering Mental And Physical Chi To Remain In Command Of The Details Today

Hsing I, possibly the deadliest, at least overtly so, of all the Taoist martial arts, means literally (very roughly translated), intention boxing. The body is trained to move as a single, well-locked together, yet relaxed unit, like an upright human missile projected through space towards its target. But for this to happen, the mind has to give the command. Once the command is given, it becomes an intention that is impossible to derail.

Make fists and hold them in front of your upper belly, palms up. Imagine someone has strapped them tightly to your torso with extra-strength slightly stretchy bungee cord. Then imagine a pair of buttons close together on a wall about a foot away from you at the same height as your fists. Imagine that touching the forefinger surface of your fists to the buttons will trigger the most wonderful set of miracles in your life so far. The art is to remain relaxed, yet push with all your focus and might against the hugely powerful resistance provided by the bungee cord. At full extension your arms will look as if ready to cradle a medium size basket of fruit, with fists clenched (not too tightly) and palms facing upwards and bit towards your face.

You’ll experienced a wonderful rounded sensation in the arms and shoulder girdle as the tensile strength reaches its maximum..

Now relax and draw the fists back in towards you. Exhale on the push, inhale on the pull and repeat slowly and mindfully 3 to 9 times.

Best done sitting comfortably, back pushed firmly back into the back of the chair.

This will increase upper body strength and by that help settle the emotions. It will also stimulate spleen energy, which in turn stimulates clear mental processes. It will also help you stay grounded in order to do just one thing at a time and like that everything will get done in a jiffy.

It takes about ten minutes after doing the exercise to feel the effect.

I wish you unshakable stability, clarity of mind and physical vitality today.

Love, B

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