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Out of Control

How out of control are you willing to let it go before it finds its level and resolution?

How much are you willing to let the Great Flow determine how things work out even if that means – and it usually does – you surrendering all sense of rational control and allowing yourself to be bumped about like a pinball bouncing off the rubber stays in order to find your way to where you’re meant to be?

How much are you willing to trust reality to sort itself?

Because once you’ve set your intention to manifest any particular state of being, have seen it, felt, it, heard it and smelt it as if it’s already a fact, hence instituting the appropriate magnetic resonance, the rest – all the details – do actually fall into place of themselves. Harmony reigns supreme.

However getting there – from the moment of setting the intention and letting go, till the moment the result manifests, there’s inevitably a phase wherein everything goes absolutely topsy turvy and you wonder if you’re not just being irresponsible not grabbing control and forcing things back into shape.

As a seasoned Tao-follower, I can only say learning to fear less and love more these phases of intense disorientation and dishevelment, learning to let yourself be bounced around more without trying to intervene and of course learning to reduce the shock factor for others involved as the apparent chaos erupts before the new picture settles into shape – that bit’s not always so easy but we learn to get smoother with it over time – it's the only way.

But that’s if you like the notion of wu wei. If you’re a control lover, this isn’t the way at all of course.

I’d never try and influence you. Your approach is your business entirely.

However I can report, that if it’s intensity of experience you want, if it’s a face-to-face relationship with the Tao as your dancing partner that grabs your fancy, then this letting go to the bounce is the only way and the results are nothing short of astounding.

It’s like transforming your whole life into an extreme sport.

Best antidote to boredom and treadmill-trance I’ve ever found at least.

I wish you a proper let go and bounce today that arrives you at the most unexpected and delightful destination ere you lay your head to rest tonight.

Love, B

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