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Overcoming Obstacles

You have it within you to overcome any obstacle. You have the power to get you over the highest hurdles. You have the strength to rise to the greatest challenges. Nothing is too great for you to overcome.

However this power is not a large, loud or brash quality – it is still, small and quiet and resides deep at your core.

And it all comes down to forming a clear intention to move through the blockages and find yourself on the other side of them, like water, never piling up, always flowing freely, finding its way round, over or under immovable aspects. Then you let go of your fear, your resistance and your beliefs it can’t be done and breathing freely, evenly and mindfully, your mind firmly enthroned in the centre of your brain and your heart open to the joy of existence, and in the fulfilling of your tasks and obligations, somehow without knowing how, you’ll find yourself on the other side of the obstacle, challenge or hurdle, feeling powerful and triumphant and ready for the next.

Ultimately everything that occurs and all the moving parts that constitute everything that happens, ever, is an expression and manifestation of the Tao – the unseen, ubiquitous, ever-present, generative, connective force of existence, the mother of life. See the Tao informing every situation, love the Tao there and the situation transforms of itself, enabling you clear and easy passage through.

Tell yourself, ‘I have it within me to meet this challenge before me,I choose to access it now and swiftly find myself on the other side of it before I can say Barefoot is a brick.’

Wish: you overcome every obstacle without even knowing how you did it, as if by sheer magic.


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