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Overcoming Panic

Panic is always misplaced. And furthermore it isn’t even real. You imagine yourself into it.

At root, it’s survival fear but allowing it to prevail, or more precisely, choosing it to prevail, (because it is a choice) limits rather than expands your survival chances.

It’s utterly pointless, other than for affording you that wonderful sense of relief when it stops, which is exactly why you choose it in the first place.

And that’s fine, if a little extreme in terms of how you attain peace, but you do have options.

One of which is to inhale sharply, raise yourself up on tiptoes momentarily as if drawing all your weight off the ground and then exhale and drop yourself, bending both knees slightly to absorb the impact, tucking your sacral bone under a tad likewise, and allow all the weight of your head and upper parts to sink down suddenly below the level of your navel.

Once thus dropped, breathe extra-slowly.

Tell yourself you’ve generated this degree of fear because it makes you feel alive and you love it. (This instead of resisting it, for what you resist grows).

Then tell yourself, that whatever the trigger of your fear, you will survive this and will even thrive on account of it.

Tell yourself that three times as you breathe slowly in the dropped position and the panic will have passed.

Pass it on.

I wish you a day of being so in command of yourself you feel as if nothing in the universe could shake you.

Love, B

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