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Paradox Magic For Fun and Recreation

Why do we have this bizarre tendency to default to assuming things will go wrong and that using a combination of ostensibly bizarre logically irrelevant rituals in the name of primitive magic or religion will prevent that.

So for instance even though I see right through that I’ll always gesture or at least mentally salute a single magpie as if the bird will fly upwards above all the clouds and tell whatever or whoever it is sitting up there that I omitted to do so and to empty out the cosmic toilet onto me from on high

That’s the part of me hooked into the trance of the collective story or paradigm which operates from the front of me and engages in constant agitation of my nervous system simply because it’s habituated to that as its métier and raison d’etre – and it’s not even French.

From the front part’s perspective it’s important to do whatever possible to preclude the practical as well as psycho-emotional inconvenience of dealing with ambitions, goals, plans or dreams veering off what you assumed was the right path.

It’s a silly way of using time because on account of the immutable dynamic of yin and yang everything inevitably transforms into its opposite so good becomes bad and bad good. So to waste energy avoiding one aspect in favor of the other is merely delaying inconvenience.

The key is to not resist inconvenience but accept it as the Tao, the Cosmic Presence expressing itself and know the sooner you acquiesce the sooner the appearance of hard will turn to soft, of inconvenient to convenient and so on.

But the important liberation device is to learn to tilt your person into the back of you, both head and body, whence to observe impartially the front-self undergoing its trials and tribulations without being disturbed by it. To stop being a ninny about inconvenience in other words.

And what happens on the magical front is the inconvenience turns its intensity down and stops being so disturbing. For as soon as the Tao has caught your attention and you signal acquiescence it’s freed up to assume a different shape and guise in the living theater we call life.

Obviously that’s not the only benefit of learning to sit back within – there are countless huge benefits – sanity, perspective, ease of flow and so on are just a few – but it’s the benefit we’re talking about.

So I’m not saying stop saluting magpies – I’m saying watch yourself doing it from the rear of you and allow the dual-level cognition rather than feel obliged to choose between the front-self or back – be both – the back laughs at the utter stupidity of saluting magpies even while the front takes it seriously yet the back honors the front for it regardless – and most pertinently takes it as a signal to ensure your intention for things to run smooth bears the desired fruit.

And that’s really the point of all this – indulge your superstitions as much as you like but watch yourself doing so from the back of you, like watching TV – and this will cause an agreement between your all-powerful timeless self in the back and the temporal version in the front to give you an easy time of it rather than bring you any untoward undue stress.

But this can only be activated by you not standing scared in the face of destiny, but standing bold and strong in the face of the unknown – it rewards you for that.

So if you want the reward of smooth paths stand strong, acquiescent and bold in the face of the inevitability of being jerked around a bit along the way – and it rewards you by reducing jerk-factor commensurately.

Do experiment with it dear reader.

And the way into the back is simple as pie.

As you know you’re for the most part water, hence your body or shell comprises a water vessel – tilt the vessel forwards a tiny tad and you cause pressure to the forebrain and frontal organs through the force of the water tipping into it – tilt backwards a tiny tad and the water collects in the back and back-brain – now remain there – it's all you need to do.

The rest of this near ultimate magic trick does the rest for you.

Let me know how it works out.

With love, Brother Barefoot of Royal Society of Wu Wei Paradox Magic For Fun and Recreation

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