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Paying A Compliment Monday

Everyone on the planet wants acknowledgement. It’s fundamental to the human condition. We even formalize it by awarding people honours and medals, or turning them into kings or queens. It’s a monkey thing. Yet we also make it hard for everyone by withholding our acknowledgment. What if, you were to make a point whenever congruent with the events and flow of the day, to spot the quality or qualities you appreciate in whoever you’re talking to and feed it back to them – tell them what you see – as in, ‘You’ve a lovely smile’ or, ‘You have immense courage’ or ‘You’re very strong’ or ‘You’re very kind’ for instance.

You’ll be amazed at how much happiness you elicit and a day spent eliciting happiness in others will elicit happiness threefold for you.

The resistance you may feel would be on account of fearing the other’s suspicion that you’re after something, but recognize this arises from their low self-esteem and is not a reflection of your own character. Your part is to have enough esteem for yourself to be able to confidently offer the other a compliment regardless.

Meanwhile, you’re beautiful, and I wish you to know and feel your own beauty today deeper, wider and stronger than ever before.

Love, D

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