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Paying attention to the miracle

This is a good day to say, ‘Thankyou, Tao, what a splendid show!” (Exclamation mark optional).

Because no matter how things appear to be going for you, the central fact remains that you’re here, being here is a miracle, you have consciousness, consciousness is a miracle, the spectacle of the universe unfolding around you – at every level from the microscopic to the macroscopic, from the local to the cosmic – is a miracle, a truly splendid show – and the generator of all this: the unfathomable, ineffable presence informing existence, the Tao is due its thanks from moment to moment for it.

Not that it needs or even wants your gratitude. But by placing yourself in the grateful state, it helps you remember the miracle and that resets you to deal with whatever you have to in your life far more effectively and enjoyably.

Effectiveness and enjoyment to you.

Love, D

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