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Peace is the key to everything you want

Choose peace above all else and all else will be added. You think you want more money to be able to afford more of this or that, more love, adventure, self-expression, freedom and so on, and why?

Not because you truly believe having more of this or that will be the answer to the big existential question. But because you assume your inner (and outer) peace will be increased thereby.

Feeling at peace is really what you want. It’s what you seek at the nub of every situation, every liaison, every achievement, every acknowledgment.

The wu wei way is to cut straight to the chase and choose peace.

Choose peace and peace will be yours – this is unfailingly so: it’s your entitlement and the Tao always delivers.

Once you have peace, all else, all the lesser-level details required to support you in that state in perpetuity will be shunted spontaneously into place to enable it to be so.

Say repeatedly with feeling and conviction: 'I choose peace now'.

Peace and all else (good and beautiful) to you.

Love, B

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