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Perfect Exercise To Elicit Tangible Understanding And Appreciation Of Yin And Yang

This is a wonderful trick taught me by my Aikido master when I was 11 and I’ve been using it ever since, as not only does it accelerate walking speed, increase energy flow and improve the mood, it also attunes the subconscious mind to the alternation of yin and yang within the body and all around.

Yin corresponds to emptiness and yang to fullness. So when your weight is on your right leg, your right leg is yang and your left leg yin. However when your right leg is yang, because the energy crosses over at the waist, it’s the left side of your upper body that fills with strength, while the right side of your upper body is empty, hence yin.

So when you walk and the weight falls on your right leg, touch the middle finger of the left hand to the tip of the left thumb. And when the weight then falls on your left foot, press the middle finger and thumb-tip of the right hand together.

It takes but a short while to get the hang of it and it then becomes automatic. Once this happens, your subconscious mind is already registering the yin-yang pattern and automatically relating it to all phenomenon – the subconscious is intuitive and clever like that.

May this serve you supremely well and you find yourself with such appreciation of the perpetual cycle of full and empty that nothing that happens today or tonight, no matter what, can throw you off your centre.

Love, B

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