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Personal liberation technique

Here’s a little something you may know as a headache remedy but which in fact stimulates the large bowel to let go of toxins, both physical and emotional, hence why it helps with toxin-based headaches. In fact it works to make you let go in general – both literally and metaphorically, so perfect for accelerating the self-liberation process.

Press your right thumb to your right palm and look at the back of your hand. You’ll see a line formed between the thumb’s edge and the hand.

Where that line stops (in the direction of your wrist), you’ll notice the flesh form a small mount.

Press into the midst of the mount exactly where the line stops in the direction of the palm’s center.

Use moderate but steady force and you’ll elicit a poignant ache which paralyses your hand – it forces you to let go, in other words.

Hold the pressure for 30 seconds, which is longer than you think, counting 1 and 2 and 3 and so on. Then repeat on the other hand.

This minute invested will yield huge dividends almost immediately.

For the rest of the day and through the weekend (especially if you repeat it twice a day each day), you’ll notice yourself letting go of negative thoughts, feelings and stances far more swiftly and easily and this will give rise to a greater sense of personal freedom, both from self-oppressive thinking and in terms of how you interact with others.

I wish you total, unbridled freedom to be the powerful, glorious being you are.

Love, B

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