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Perspective – use it or lose it

Some years ago I was so ill I almost wasn’t here anymore. I caught a virus, The virus attacked a weak bit. The weak bit attacked the lung. The lung was hurting and I was busy so I took a mad chance and acupunctured the painful bit, causing the lung to puncture and collapse, which led to hospitalization and all the usual accompanying drama including more than one very-near-death experience caused by medical incompetence and I can assure you there’s no greater way of regaining perspective swiftly.

Rather than worry about the details of daily life, you focus on taking in the next breath. Rather than worrying about what people think of you, you focus on the quality of energy you’re radiating to the world, and so on.

I’m obviously not suggesting dancing freely with death in order to dance more fully with life but I do recommend a daily reminder that each breath could be the last, so make sure you’re not wasting your mind pondering nonsense at the time.

I wish you perspective.

Love, Doc

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