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Play it lightly

Take the game seriously but play it lightly. This game of daily life is serious – it’s ultimately a matter of life and death. Treat it with respect but play it lightly enough to remember it is a game – a game of make-believe.

We co-create myths that are passed down through the generations, added to, subtracted from, face-lifted and sometimes radically altered as they go along, like Chinese whispers till they make no sense at all, yet are generally mistaken for the foundation of reality itself. The assumed sanctity of money, religion, politics, sports, morality (as opposed to natural ethics), stardom and so on are all examples of myths that have been mistaken for reality.

Play it lightly enough to remember we’re all divine spirits temporarily inhabiting human forms in an increasingly random world, fallen angels making the best of it, each of us doing the very best we can despite appearances, each according to his or her current state of personal evolution.

And in remembering, remembering also to keep your heart open and love them/us each and all, as fellow manifestations of the One Presence, the Tao.

Play it lightly enough to remember to keep flipping back out of the competitive state into the creative state, wherein you generate your own version of reality, rather than getting hung up in other people’s. Lightly enough to remember you’re here to cooperate rather than dominate and that from that cooperation come the opportunities you want, along with the happiness, fulfilment and peace.

Happiness, fulfilment and peace to you.

Love, D

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