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Plugging Into Your Spiritual Power

Do you ever feel as if you’re merely following a script you don’t totally understand or relate to, as if adhering to someone else’s dream rather than your own path? If so, it would have begun by following your parents’ dream for you rather than your own, not even daring to have your own dream, and then projecting that internalized parental power onto the external world: boss, partner, family, friends and so on – and then following what you imagine they expect of you rather than following the actual urges arising from your spirit within.

Which inevitably leads to distress somewhere down the line, simply because eventually your spirit refuses to be subjugated to your version of someone else’s idea. Your spirit is universal and boundless and cannot suffer confinement in such bogus reality-creations for long.

I don’t have to feed you clichés like you only have one life so live it but it’s good to be reminded that unless you’re following your own Tao or path, unless you’re consciously creating and following your own dream, rather than someone else’s, you’re wasting your time.

So it’s always a useful thing to stop every now and then and plug your mind into your spiritual core where you can feel your Tao directing you. The experience of this doesn’t happen in the realm of everyday consciousness, it happens in a more intuitive way. But words are just words.

Instead of words and concepts, drop all your thoughts and think solely about a single tiny point just one grape’s distance down from the lower edge of your navel and feel as if it’s at the centre of the entire universe, as if it’s just a grape’s distance down from the lower edge of the navel of the Tao itself, whence streams life force both up and down the connection to and from the entire universe.

Simultaneously, think about a point in the dead centre of your breastbone and imagine it’s the centre of the heart of the Tao, radiating and receiving love to and from the entire universe.

And at the same time, think about a point in the dead centre of your forehead, just above the line of your eyebrows, as if it’s at the dead centre of the forehead of the Tao, transmitting and receiving consciousness to and from the entire universe.

Thus positioned, you are plugged into a relatively safe to access altered state and able to play with outer layer of your spiritual core, whence will arise a series of urges and impulses, which when followed will lead you magically along the next leg of the path to attaining your highest good.

This simple exercise lasting no more than 82% of a minute will transform your energy and consciousness and refresh you with divine love for at least the following 23 or 24 hours, sometimes even longer.

And if you think my talking eccentrically like that odd or quirky, it’s merely done to trip up your habitual everyday mind enough to help you into a brief altered state and in this state retrieve your spiritual power, that your life may unfold miraculously rather than mechanistically thereafter/hereafter.

Wish: your life unfolds by a series of unexpected miracles now.

Love, D

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