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Positive feedback time

For the next few days only give yourself positive feedback.

So instead of indulging even for a moment in self-criticism, whether because you mistakenly believe you’re obliged to or simply through bad habit, give yourself exclusively positive feedback.

In the front of your brain, you’re conducting a conversation with yourself, comprising a commentary and debate on how you’re playing a game a bit like the TV commentators at a football match.

This goes on all the time.

By default, much of it consists of self-criticism.

This doesn’t serve you, it just slows you down and reduces your confidence and effectiveness.

So starting now for the next short while, make a commitment with yourself only to give yourself positive feedback.

Whatever you do, however apparently miniscule or insignificant, tell yourself well done, you’ve done a great job.

And keep on doing it, for getting on and off the train without stumbling for sending an email without your hand slipping – and of course for the big things too.

Get used to hearing that encouraging positive-feedback voice in your head – allow it to become your default inner voice.

Don’t be afraid it’ll make you complacent either.

To the contrary, having the intention to give and gain the very most from life in all senses during this passage, and then letting go and going with yourself rather than against, you’ll accomplish far more and do so far more enjoyably too.

I wish you to know yourself as the beautiful, successful accomplished, magnificent, wondrous being you really are now.

Love, D

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