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Potent personal power retrieval method

Reach behind you, feel for the big knob of the 7th cervical vertebra and press into the gap between it and the next one up. As you do, visualize a conical shaped duct, its narrow end starting in the gap and its wide end opening to the air behind you.

Now stop pressing, relax your arm/s and as you inhale, imagine drawing in power from the cosmos in through the conical duct. As you exhale, imagine the power (perhaps seen as bright light) move forward into the thymus gland in the upper chest.

Complete nine breath cycles, repeat 'I am accessing the infinite power of the cosmos now,' nine times and carry on as you were.

Within an hour or so, you'll spot a verifiable upsurge of confidence, vitality and optimism.

May you be so imbued with confidence, vitality and optimism today, you feel as if everything is possible and nothing can stand in your way.

Love, B

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