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Powerful Elemental Magic

The Taoists recognize five elements: earth, metal (equivalent to air in Western esoteric systems), water, wood and fire which between them provide the energetic building blocks of the macrocosm and of your own personal microcosm.

Broadly speaking, earth governs all aspect of your material wellbeing; metal governs your levels of incisiveness, inspiration and creativity;, water governs your health and vitality; wood, representative of trees growing, governs your confidence, outgoingness and willingness to engage in the game of everyday life and fire governs your capacity levels for giving and receiving love.

When all elements are strong, all aspects of your life work well and in harmony with each other.

Visualize lush, fertile ground beneath your feet, it’s energy permeating through your feet; a metal sword in your hands and you slicing through all confusion; the sound of a bubbling brook just near you, caressing your inner ears; your back leaning against the trunk of a huge, sap-abundant redwood tree and the flames of universal love blazing in your heart.

This will strengthen and balance all five elements and settle your soul in your body - and within but a very short while, will produce actual shifts for the better in your external circumstances.

I wish you magic so powerfully benign, its effects surpasses all previous hopes and expectations.

Love, B

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