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Powerful exercise for releasing your breath and getting your life to move

You probably think that to make your life feel amazing and wonderful you have to do something huge but in fact, all you need is to stop holding your breath.

Once you do so and your breath settles naturally into a slow, steady rhythm, everything – all aspects of your life, settle likewise and from that arises the harmony and miracle-flow you want.

Here’s a powerful method for releasing the breath and instigating the required shift of conditions.

Relax, lean slightly forward at the hips, grab hold gently of the lowermost ribs in the front and keeping shoulders relaxed, slowly prize the ribcage apart by pulling the elbows away from the body. You won’t damage yourself, unless psychotically ripping your ribcage asunder, so don’t be afraid.

Instead, keep pulling the elbows away from the sides and let this pull your ribcage as wide as it will go.

Eventually, let go and enjoy the marvellous sensation of release you’ll feel in your diaphragm.

Then place your palm across your solar plexus and repeat to yourself 6 times: ‘stop holding your breath.

The resulting relaxation and flow of breath will profoundly alter your ride for the better.

I wish you the full existential joy of breathing today, dear reader.

Love, B

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