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Powerful Pain Reducing Technique

The Taoists recognized six layers of energy in the body and regarded pain as trapped energy that wanted to escape, given half the chance.

When you fully occupy an area of your body with your consciousness, there’s no room for anything else to be in there, including any trapped pain-energy, if you occupy the pain zone, while liberating the outer energetic layer of the body, that trapped pain-energy will disperse instantaneously.

Liberating the outer layer makes you feel a lot more in command of the pain rather than vice versa.

There are a pair of acupressure points which when stimulated by finger pressure, have an instantly liberating effect on the outer layer.

Place a hand on the outside of each knee and with your little fingers, feel for the knobbly bones sticking out at the sides of the tops of your lower legs.

Now press in just distal to those (just under them in the direction of your feet) – use your forefingers – and you’ll feel a strange achy feeling radiate down your lower legs to your toes.

Next look at your right forearm and back of the hand. Bend your hand back until the skin creases at the top of the wrist. Measure the distance of an average plum from where that skin is creased, up the midline of the forearm and press in there between the bones.

This will also create an ache that travels to your fingers.

Repeat on the left arm.

And repeat the whole sequence at least twice a day from now on or whenever you’re in the process of dealing with pain.

Wish: that no pain of any kind gets in your way, slows you down, discomforts or distresses you today and tonight and you end the day feeling more comfortable, joyful and relaxed than a healthy, happy newborn baby.

Love, B

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