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Powerful technique for balancing the brain, aligning the spine and increasing your chi

If you fancy a bit of that or just want a wee rest on the floor and an opportunity to get to know yourself better, lie down on a blanket or rug on the floor on your front without further ado, place your forehead in your palms and lengthen the back of your neck to allow your face to face directly downwards and your spine to remain aligned with your sacral region fully relaxed and sunk into the floor.

Spread your legs a tad and bend your knees 90° so your feet are sticking up, then using just the momentum of the movement and no muscular effort whatsoever, crisscross your legs alternately like a pair of snapping scissors 81 times at your own pace – that’s one with the legs crossed one way, one with them crossed the other, two one way, two the other and so on, till you reach 81 repetitions.

Then stop, roll onto your back, knees up, feet flat on the floor and enjoy the sensations of energy streaming up your spine for a moment before reentering the everyday state fully.

I wish you a mad rush of vitality.

Love, B

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