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Powerful technique for boosting the chi in your belly so you can feel it better

Start by placing the forefinger of your dominant hand in your navel. Place the palm of the other hand on top of the dominant-hand wrist. Use the weight of the arms and hands to press into the navel as if attempting to push through to the spine. Keep breathing and relaxing. When you encounter resistance or pain, wait, breathe and allow the pain to disperse before continuing (if it doesn’t after a few attempts, consider seeking medical attention) and by and by you’ll reach a level of pressure that triggers a radiation of energetic sensation throughout the belly. Hold this for a moment or two then withdraw slowly.

Now imagine you’re breathing in directly through the spine just behind there and breathing out through the navel, Complete nine slow breaths like this and you’ll be able to clearly discern your chi.

I wish you powerful chi, dear reader, as easy as pie to follow and that following it leads you to fresh and fabulous pastures.

Love, Barefoot

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