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Powerful technique for ‘entering’ the midbrain to gain power over reality

This one is powerful and if done correctly will alter the way you feel and see the world today profoundly (in a wonderful way), so if not really in the mood for that, stow it for later.

Otherwise, drop your shoulders, relax all muscles and sinews, beginning at the crown of the head and moving down throughout your body, slow down your breathing, sink the weight of the upper parts down below the navel, elongate your spine, especially at the back of the neck, then sitting fairly straight, keeping the back of the neck lengthened and uncompressed, tilt the head back as far as it will comfortably go.

Close your eyes (having read this first) and visualize yourself bungee jumping from the inside of your forehead bone, deep down through your brain, clean out the back of your head and all the way down into deepest, darkest inner space, before bouncing back up and settling gradually around the midbrain region.

Then just hang there enjoying the space and slowly raise your head back upright, still hanging in the midbrain region and stay there the rest of the day (with eyes open).

Do this properly and it’ll change your life forever for the better by a quantum leap.

May your life change forever by a quantum leap for the better today.

Love, B

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