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Powerful technique to expedite tension release from the belly

If you can get someone to do this for you, so much the better, but if not and you do it for yourself, so much even more the better, because you’re not dependent and it’s good to be able to do this any time at a moment’s notice.

Place the fingertips of your dominant hand on your solar plexus (upper abdomen). Rest the palm of the other hand on the back of the wrist of the dominant hand. Now slowly, using the weight of the non-dominant hand and arm, press inwards until you meet with resistance (pain or stitch sensation). But don’t pull out, simply wait breathing slowly, till the resistance dissolves, which it usually will within three breaths or so (if not try again later a couple of times and if pain persists it might be advisable to consult a medical practitioner).

Once dissolved, press in deeper – and deeper – and so on until all the way in, still breathing slowly and freely, relaxing fully around it. Hold it like this for a minute or so them withdraw slowly and enjoy a few moments of feeling the ensuing warmth radiating all about.

Do this every day and you’ll transform your entire life, let alone your stress response.

I wish you such total transformation, dear reader.

Love, Barefoot

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