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Powerful Weekend Money Magic

Unless you happen to be one of the small band of super-rich, around about now, your stress meter is probably peaking a bit around the issue of finances. So here’s what to do, Taoist magic style.

Look at the balance on your bank statement and however small, picture the amount in huge 3D numerals, made of gold and as high as skyscrapers, towering above you, with you walking among them, basking in their warm, golden light, with a sense of there being so much of it, it could never run out.

Then give thanks.

What will happen next is by some sort of unfathomable miraculous process, you’ll somehow manage to pay all your outgoings without going bust and within no more than 30 days or so, money will start coming to you from unexpected sources.

The most important thing to remember is all this is stuff of the world of the ten thousand things, which is just the Tao pulling shapes and the Tao always has your best interests at heart, so the last thing you want to do is run static on the connection between you by giving way to fear, as this merely interferes with the potential magnificence of the shapes the Tao is able to pull. Be relaxed and trusting even if it verges on the seemingly irresponsible and the Tao will feel more drawn to you, hence its bounty will flow more freely and swiftly in your direction.

It’s a beautiful reframe and it works.

I wish the endless wealth the Tao is holding in reserve for you in your cosmic bank account to start pouring through to you on the material plane in ever-greater measure and volume now.

Love, D

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