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Prescription For Making A Miracle

At some point soon after reading this, take a pad of A4, a sharpened pencil or pen and down the left hand side of the page write on each line: freedom from.

Then on the next page do the same, except write: freedom for.

Now on the first page, add an item on each line – for example, self-repression or self-limitation, or fear of poverty, or tiredness.

Then do the same on the second page – for example, self-expression, self-expansion, wealth-reception, or vitality.

Be sure to write something on every line and if one side of A4 isn’t enough, use another sheet and so on.

When you’ve done, carefully, preferably in the sink with water running for a moment just in case, set fire to the first list and as the smoke rises, smile clap your hands thrice and say aloud, ‘let this be so now!’ Then set fire to the second list and smile, clap and declaim likewise.

Then carry on as you were, in as light-hearted way as possible, expectant of a series of miracles extending from now on.

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