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Preventing A Panic Attack

There are moments in the drama when the details needing sorting pile up and a thousand decisions need making and you start feeling overwhelmed to the point of internally squealing to yourself that you can’t cope and want to walk away from it all, and it takes great courage at those moments to stop yourself entering a full-scale panic about what’s in your head and calm yourself down enough to think clearly and practically about what to do next.

And there are things you can do to smooth the process out considerably so it hardly registers as a blip rather than set off you off into full panic-attack mode.

For a start, you can remember that you won’t resolve it by thinking about it. Instead, by coming more fully into your body and breathing in stillness, with your mind retracted into the midbrain area, you are able to engender an inner silence, a brief vacation from the drama, during which your priorities tend to set themselves in the optimal order, without you having to even think about it.

Exhaling, you sink into your skin and void your mind momentarily, then command your subconscious to order your priorities for you by the time you choose to re-enter the drama realm and that’s exactly what will happen.

You’ll slide out of the meditation state back into the everyday realm and you’ll have an urge to do something. You follow that urge and it leads you to the next urge and so on, until you find yourself fully engaged in the game again, panic over, new direction discerned and your primordial fearlessness reactivated.

After a while it actually becomes fun handling a panic. To make it so, have a look at today’s Members’ Wisdom Drop for the low-down on how to increase the relevant energy in your body to combat the propensity to grow nervous, anxious and panicky in the first place.

Wish: your nerve gets as steady as steel and your heart as warm as summer sunshine.

Love, D

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