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Produce a profound qualitative shift in your life now

Because everything in the manifest universe is in motion and flux, the urge to change things is innate to human nature, hence why it’s almost compulsive, most of the time, unless feeling extraordinarily content and satisfied, to change the state of mind you’re in. This is done by shifting activities, eating, drinking, resting, playing, taking substances, shopping, sexing, worrying, going out, going home, socializing, withdrawing, travelling and so on.

However changing from one state to another merely perpetuates the restlessness in your soul, which is fine as restlessness is intrinsic to the game of being involved in the world of the ten thousand things, your manifest, external reality.

But by desisting and focusing from a different part of the brain on what’s occurring within your skin, you immediately allay restlessness and generate an entirely different, far more profound, endlessly satisfying experience, in comparison to which nothing or no one in the external world can offer anything to compete.

And the amazing thing is you then get to enjoy the fruits of the ten thousand things even more.

The key is so simple it’s almost ridiculous, yet somehow strangely difficult to achieve, as it requires using the brain in a totally different, unfamiliar way.

Namely, rather than using the brain as a thinking organ, you use it as a feeling organ, whereby you feel the brain’s centre (directly between the ears and behind the eyes, just above where the spinal cord meets the base of the brain. As soon as you do, all thoughts cease and you’re free to breathe slowly and relax your body into the underlying joy of simply being alive, which after all though in some sense commonplace, is in fact the greatest gift you’ll ever receive.

With practice, you actually start to intuitively experience the presence of the universal consciousness, the mind of the Great Way itself, and in so doing are instantly privy to all the intuitive guidance required to optimize the way you’re playing the game of external life.

Moreover, contentment increases exponentially, as restlessness decreases.

This leads to naturally needing to draw less and less from the external world, from other people and their restless activities, which in turn transforms you into a magnet for others, hence bring more and more opportunities your way.

This is a radically different life-stratagem to the normal dog-chasing-its-tail approach of the modern world, and though it doesn’t all happen at once and indeed takes a few minutes of daily practice over a period of 30 days or so before results are evident, starting right now will produce a qualitative shift that’ll give your day quite a lift.

I wish you quite a lift today, which leads to the most glorious day of your life so far.

Love, Doc

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