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Produce An Instantaneous, Sudden And Miraculous Up-thrust Of Incoming Wealth Now

Primarily, the key to success lies in relaxing and allowing yourself to enjoy the ride at the deepest level. The more you enjoy being who, where and what you are, the more wholesome and in accord with the Great Way will be your step-by-step decisions.

The more you’re enjoying being here, the more vitality flows through your system. Glumness and resistance merely constricts and inhibits and often altogether obstructs the vital flow and this will express itself as a lack of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and yes, even financial health.

So step one, as propounded in the public Wisdom Drop for the weekend, is to rally yourself around a wholehearted choice to relax and enjoy the ride, whether in a difficult or easy phase.

Naturally this joy is mightily enhanced knowing your material needs will always be met.

One of the most basic tenets of Taoist wisdom is that you create your own reality according to the story you’re telling yourself about what reality is and how it works for you.

So if you tell yourself a story in which the Tao, the unseen, ubiquitous, underlying Presence informing all realities, provides for all your needs, at every juncture, come what may, without fail, that’s precisely how reality will show up to you.

So start by choosing that storyline – say six times so it penetrates deep into your subconscious stratum in a way that makes you feel it as you say it, “The Tao always provides for all my needs, every step of the way, come what may.”

Then consider that the way the Tao sends you this wherewithal is via other people. The Tao uses other people to bring you the wherewithal you need, in the same way it uses you to deliver the wherewithal other people need to them. For instance, every time you spend money in a shop, you’re fulfilling your role on behalf of the Tao, in respect of delivering some of the money whence derives the profit the shopkeeper requires to keep her or his show on the road.

Now it doesn’t matter what work you do, if you now tell yourself with sufficient conviction and belief, a story in which other people love giving you money, not for anything you do or don’t do but simply for being here, and the more they give you, the more they love it, because, whether they realise it or not, it enhances their feeling of being in flow and of service to the Tao and that gives meaning to their lives, then that’s how reality will show up for you.

And you don’t even have to bother enlisting the services of your rational mind to figure out how that can possibly work in real time, and you don’t even have to figure out all the details or practical mechanisms involved in producing the desired result.

All you actually have to do is repeat no less than 81 times with absolute faith in your ability to conjure reality into any shape you like, simply by believing you can,

“Other people now love giving me money simply for being alive.”

As you go through the 81 repetitions, note all the negative reactions arising from the self-limiting areas of your psyche but don’t let them waylay you - simply continue repeating, “Other people now love giving me money simply for being alive”, till you’ve completed 81 repetitions and within hardly any time at all, money miracles will start happening in your life.

May you be inundated with money, money miracles and miracles of all kinds today.

Love, B

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