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Producing The Perfect Result Today With Ease

Loving what is rather than bemoaning what isn’t is the first step to getting what isn’t to be what is. So rather than listing all the things pissing you off about life, take a moment to briefly list all the things that make your life both possible and beautiful. For instance, there’s your body, your consciousness, your ability to communicate, the people in your life at all levels and distances, the resources you have that have enabled you to still be here on the planet reading this, your humour, your drive, your curiosity, your strength, your talents and of course the unlikely, implausible yet fact of having a life-supporting planet upon whose surface you’re able to thrive in the midst of the chaos of deepest darkest space.

Note that as you start going into the list, your spirit lifts and all heaviness associated with the fear of things working against you dissolves.

With a lighter spirit, it’s easier to visualize the outcomes you wish to achieve today with a clear mind and focus.

Once you can see what you wish to achieve today, and once you can see yourself achieving it easily, effortlessly, excellently and enjoyably, you set that manifestation process in motion and one way or another, the Tao, that invisible yet ubiquitous generative force informing everything from the tip of your little finger to the largest galaxy in the universe, will shunt external conditions into optimal position to facilitate you getting the outcome you want.

Wish: the Tao stuns you today with the elegance with which it shunts what is to produce the perfect result for you on all levels.

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