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Putting Things Swiftly In Perspective

Sometimes you get bored and restless, impatient for something to happen, as if life’s moving too slowly, as if it’s all just a bit too mundane. At such times try reminding yourself of what’s actually going on here.

You’re on a planet hurtling through space round the sun at 108,000 kpm. The sun along with the rest of the solar system is hurtling through space in orbit around the galactic centre at 792,000 kpm. And as if that isn’t fast and incomprehensible enough, the galaxy (Milky Way) is hurtling through space presumably in orbit around something – perhaps the centre of the universe itself where the Tao (God) lives – towards the constellation of Hydra, at just under a staggering 2,000,000 kilometres an hour. That’s right. As well as the relatively piffling speed of our planet and slightly less piffling speed of our solar system, the galaxy in which we travel is moving at just under two million kilometres an hour.

Contemplate that for a nanosecond or two and you instantly realise there really is no point rushing or stressing over the absurdly minute details of the everyday, no matter how huge, significant or slow-moving they appear at the time.

Today and tonight, may the thrill of divine perspective show you a world in absolute harmony, where all is exactly as it should be.

Love, Doc

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