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Random snapshot of ancient Taoist wisdom presented in the contemporary idiom especially for you

Sense of cusping in the air – the tipping over from one state to another – collectively and individually – and implicit all the while is destiny. No one knows much or anything about destiny, partly because in this 4D reality tunnel of ours it hasn't happened yet, partly because we have no real idea whether we manifest what we want or whether it's all pre-written, pre-ordained and hence no need wasting any energy trying to make it work one way or another, or whether it's a bizarre paradox of you having to agree, to gird your loins and rise up to it even though it was going to happen the way it did anyway – but wouldn't have done had you not agreed to it.

This latter is the one I have as my stance – I use it experimentally in the spirit of investigation, patiently observing without drawing conclusions.

But no one knows. Law of Attractionists may think they do, but that's merely one description of the indescribable, and necessarily limited. In the Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam, one stanza goes: Many knots were unraveled by the road, aye many, but not the knot of human death and fate.

But one thing we can be sure of is that we're enjoying at least the illusion of a journey – a relatively fleeting jaunt along life's 'Great Thoroughfare', which may seem long, though from the perspective of the infinite, limitless, eternal presence, is but a 2 second dream (the nature of sleep-dreams are a clue to this).

As with any journey or illusion thereof we get options in terms of where we sit n the boat, plane or automobile, the mood we wish to undergo the ride, ad the sorts of connections we experience with other people and the atmospheres these variously generate.

And the less specific you can be about your intentions in this respect the more latitude and longitude you allow the Tao, the Great Conjurer, to impress you with its ineffable skill in producing beautiful illusions.

As for destiny, that which hasn't happened yet from our perspective but will, if we see it as an entity (which we tend to do instinctively anyway), rather than assume it our nemesis who eventually defeats us by killing us off, if we assume it's our beloved and tell it every day (I love you, destiny) I find it loves us back. And because within the parameters this 4D reality tunnel destiny is huge and we but tiny, the love coming back our way is exponentially huger.

Obviously destiny isn't an entity, any more than you or I – any more than anything in manifest reality. There are no entities in the manifest universe – we merely describe phenomena that way. Nothing is an entity, everything is a process – atoms in motion giving a temporary appearance of form – all of it and us subject to the law of universal transience. Nouns are just devices for holding this illusion in shape. In fact it's all verb – a table tables, a chair chairs, a person persons and so on.

In glimpsing universal transience in action fleetingly discerning the subatomic realm beneath or behind and informing the manifest realm, we're able if we want to jump into the subatomic dance – and it's in that awareness we're able to intervene to activate a transformation of conditions.

Or maybe we were always destined to make that intervention how and when we did.

The one choice that feels unassailably real even if it is only relative like everything else, is the one between maintaining your separateness by tensing the front of your body and face up against it and blocking love from flowing, and softening and opening and allowing love to flow freely up and down the connection between you and the infinite continuum.

When we do the latter the air shimmers, reality dances and beautiful synchronicity occurs – heartwarming life-affirming surprises.

And it's these, as I wind up this spontaneous, unexpected, un-thought-through extemporized random snapshot of ancient Taoist wisdom presented in the contemporary idiom especially for you, it's these beautiful surprises I wish wholeheartedly for you and all of us as we hurtle along through goodness knows where to goodness knows where.

Love, Doc

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